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QZSD Q968 Professional Aluminium Tripod with Monopod

QZSD Q968 Professional Aluminium Tripod with Monopod

Product Code:QZSD BK-968 Q968 SDY
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QZSD Q968 Professional Aluminium Tripod with removable leg that turns into a Monopod

High Quality Professional Aluminium tripod from QZSD/Beike

Product Description:
1.material is aluminum alloy
2. Forging technology,high density and inner structure more precision, harder, and anodizing surface finish make tripods colourful and more beautiful
3.with 360 degree damping ball head, can panoramic shoot
4.ball head with three lock knob design, more functional and more flexible to control
5.has level on the top of tripod leg frame support.
6.gravity hook can be handed some belongings to add weight which can stabilize the tripod outdoor
7. Preset angles design provide the photographers with high-low adjustment of the tripods angle
8.Invert the center column operation can provide more angles for macro shooting
9.Supports disassembling into a monopod use, flexible and changeable.
10.twist lock, lock tightly or loosen just need 1/4 turns.

Brand QZSD
Model Q968
Max height 1660mm
Min height 580mm
Folded height 600mm
Weight 1.95kg
Section 4
Max diameter 28mm
Min diameter 19mm
Max load capacity 15kg
Package: Q968 tripod with ball head, Wrench, tripod bag, head-protect bag, waist bag, Instructions

Package List:
1 * Q968 tripod with ball head
1 * Carrying bag
1 * Adjustable wrench
1 * ball head bag