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Quality Reversible Hood 52mm

Quality Reversible Hood 52mm

Product Code:Tianya Reverse Petal Hood 52mm
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Tianya Quality Reversible Hood to fit into filter thread of size 52mm

Tianya new style camera reverse lens hood for canon, sony, nikon

This is reverse lens hood. The reversible tulip lens hood uses metal ball clip mounting instead of traditional screw mounting, dead easily and quickly for detaching and mounting.

The only flower lens hood on the market that lets you use a lens cap while having the lens hood mounted.
Reverse the lens hood while not shooting to protect your expensive lens and also easily to carry it in your camera bag. A great value added than those normal lens hood.

*Protect the front barrel form the inevitable impacts against walls, door frames and other real-life obstacles.

*High impact plastic for long lasting and smooth mounting.

*Prevent glare by stopping light from coming into the lens at side angles.

*Improves contrast and image quality.

*Protects lens from scratches and impacts.

Color: Black
Shipped in a cardboard box