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Visico LED-200T LED Light 5500K

Visico LED-200T LED Light 5500K

Product Code:Visico LED-200T LED Light 5500K
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Visico LED-200T LED Light 5500K
Professional High Quality Visico 200W LED Constant Daylight colour temperature Studio light With bowens S mount.
1 Ultra-silent design as quiet as breathing! More suitable for video.
2 Children photography - Soft light is more suitable for children photography, non-dazzling. Safe and cold light souce without heat and can be touched.
3 High CRI rating - Accurate colour temperature rating over 95.
4 Bright LED lamp bead long service life.
5 Passed photobiological safety and led blue ray hazard testing.
6 Wireless remote control compatible (Power Adjustment Trigger Free included - VC-801TX)

Comes with built-in umbrella mount as well as a front Bowens S mounting system
Mounts onto a light stand.

Pro tip: This light should be your go to light for constant lighting, children portraits.

Model number:LED-200T
Output power:200W
Color temperature:5500K
Brightness dimmings:17%-100%
Power supply models:AC 100-240V 50-60Hz