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GGS 2.5" Glass LCD Protector

GGS 2.5" Glass LCD Protector

Product Code:2.5" Glass LCD Protector
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GGS 2.5" Glass LCD Protector

GSS 4 layer LCD protector for 2.5" LCD screens.

Ultra thin 0.5mm, made of glass, making up a total of 4 layers of protective multicoating material giving high transparency of above 95% light transmission. This maintains sharp and colourful images as distinct from plastic protectors.

As it is made of glass and not plastic, it effectively resists acids and alkalis and provides a strong protection against impact which can cause screen damage.
The 3M adhesive seals the LCD tightly, and can be removed and reinstalled without damage to the LCD screen.

No trimming required as it fits directly onto the LCD screen

Suits many Canon, Nikon sony and other models