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About Us

JBX Wholesale was established from necessity. Working in photographic and electronics retail for over 15 years, we have seen a dramatic change in the industry. Competition is stronger and retailer margins are slimmer than ever before. There are too many 'middle men' clipping the ticket before the item lands on the retail shelf. We intend to change all that.


With an extensive product range and unparalleled business relationships direct with the manufacturer, complimented with our volume buying power and streamlined business model, dramatically reducing our overheads. We have a magic formula that simply cannot be bettered by any other wholesaler in the country.


We have dedicated sourcing agents worldwide ensuring we are up to date and informed of any new products long before they are released. 


We have dedicated full time dispatch staff and use New Zealand's premier courier service assuring your orders will arrive in rocket fast time.


We have a fantastic drop ship service. You don't even need to have the product in stock to sell it!



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